Living in Redemption


To restore and renew what has been stolen.

 I have been witness to the beauty of redemption.
This soul was once lost, bound in oppressive darkness, trapped in a vicious cycle of brokenness, slave to fear.
This soul is now found, freed to live in light, released through restoration, child of love and grace.

The creation of man was not a happy accident.
Man was created for a divine purpose, for a divine love, for a divine glory.
What a beautiful picture to see man walking, unhindered, beside God.
Talking with God. Laughing with God.
Beloved by God.

What a beautiful story yet to unfold.

But Deception waltzed in with beguiling but empty promises, and in an instant, that made to be beautiful was stolen and tainted.
Man’s soul, no longer pure, hid in the shadows, separated from his divine purpose.
Shame bound once outstretched arms and cloaked a once joyful heart in sorrow.
Love no longer spilled from every crevice of the heart but cowered in the shadow of Fear’s imposing presence.
What was once beautiful was now tarnished.
Divine purpose replaced by an aimless despondency as humanity languished in the darkness that overcame each soul, Deception’s true nature revealed too late.

But Love does not falter in the face of despondency or fear.
Love pursues relentlessly.

Because of Love, the victory was won over darkness, over death.
Divine purpose, divine love, divine glory were established once again.

What was lost was found.
What was stolen was restored, renewed in the beauty of redemption.

I am redeemed.
Bought with a price, no longer a slave to fear, a daughter of love and His grace.

I know this.
And yet, I find myself living again in the ways of the old self that was meant to be put to death when He gave me new life.
I was freed from fear, and yet I find myself running back to it–a slave freed but repeatedly returning to the very bondage I was liberated from.

I look my Rescuer in the eyes and tell Him that I don’t trust Him, that I can’t give myself, my all, to Him to live in His divine purpose for me, His divine love, His divine glory, because I am afraid.

What am I afraid of?

Redemption has made me beautiful and new once again, and yet, I’ve fled from the One who brought that redemption.

My heart has soared on dreams to see a world changed, to be a part of a greater story–His story, in fact.
He has planted dreams in my heart, and I’ve wrenched them into my own hands and made them my own.
And I’m afraid–I am afraid that He will take them away and leave my hands empty.
I’m afraid if I give Him all that I am, I will be left with nothing.

Redemption made me His again, freed me from slavery and made me a daughter, and yet, Fear has kept me from running back to my Father, from knowing who I really am in Him, from living fully as I was created to be–walking, talking, laughing with God.

Beloved by God.

And a lover of God.

This song speaks into my very soul, aimed straight at fear itself, and forces me to realize how foolish it is to fear the One who has restored my soul:

If I give it all to you, will you make it all new?
If I open up my hands, will you fill them again?

I can run. I can keep my dreams, all that I am, held tightly in my own hands, where my soul, with all its dreams will die in a stagnant, hopeless grave of my own making.

Or I can surrender–let go of everything, all of me, all my dreams, and release them back into the hands of He who made me in the first place–who placed those dreams in my heart and who smiles on me, filling me with hope for what is to come on this journey.

Oh the freedom of surrender!

And oh the beauty of living rightfully in redemption!

It is here, in redemption, that I live for a divine purpose, a divine love, a divine glory.

Walking this journey hand-in-hand with the Lover of my Soul, Beloved.

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