In Light of Your Love

Last night, I watched a glowing sky painted with colored light as the sun set over the mountains of Redding, CA.  An ordinary sight on any day–after all, the sun rises and the sun sets day after day.  However, as I watched this daily extraordinary phenomenon, I was overwhelmed by the powerful love of the Father wrapping my heart in His love.  The beauty of the sunset reflects His love, how He woos us and delights in our delighting in Him.

On this Father’s day, I am thankful, in more ways than one.

I am thankful because God blessed our family with a man I call “Dad,” “Daddy,” or “Papi,” depending on the day.  This man is a man who grew up without his own father and yet has sought out the wisdom of our Heavenly Father in how to be a good father to us.

The last few weeks have made me especially thankful.

Within one week in the past month, our family was rocked with news each day that sent our lives reeling into unknown places, left to process and deal with the reality of cancer invading my mom’s body and a tumor settling itself into her brain.  As she was in the hospital, and our family faced the unknown, everything was out of our control and the very foundations that had made up our lives felt like they were shifting violently in a storm we had never faced before.

And yet, in the midst of this storm, I saw my father’s strength and faith like never before.
When fear crept in, my father reminded us that God is always faithful, always loving, always good, and that He was and is taking care of our family.  As we received each bit of life-changing news, my dad knew that God would look after and heal my mom, whether in this moment or fully in sometime in the future, and that He would provide for our every need.

I have seen my father committed to my mom for 24 years, promising to love her through both the highs and the lows, and it has impacted me greatly to watch him love her as they walked through and still walk through one of the lowest lows they’ve ever had to face.

The reality is that my father is not perfect, being human, but the beauty of this reality, and what I have come to admire in him, is that he looks to God the Father in his role as husband and father in our family and has given me a glimpse of the Father’s love.  In seeing my dad care for my mom and love her through this storm, I have a glimpse of the way the Father loves me unconditionally, cares for me, and protects my heart.  I see my Father carrying my family as we face the frightening unknown and I see His faithfulness to provide, to bring healing and restoration, and to love unfailingly as we humanly struggle along this road called life.

And so I am thankful.

Thank you, Papi, for always loving us, for your faith that bolsters our faith, for the way you give it all to provide for us, and for giving us a glimpse of our Father whose redemption and restoration will bring new life to our mom and entire family as we continue to trust in Him and His unfailing love.


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