Dust to Dreams

Jesus came to awaken the wounded from throes of spiritual death and emotional hibernation. And Jesus came to woo the same wounded into new life with His wild and wondrous love.

Why is it that the wondrous life we were made for is lost to a comatose state, a mere bleary-eyed, joyless survival of the day-to-day grind?

I think the human heart craves far more than what we settle for. We crave daring adventures and meaningful relationships that would fulfill one of the deepest desires of our hearts: purpose.

And yet we settle for far less.


Because to live life to the fullest is a risk.

We were created by Love for Love, and yet we settle for shallow versions of what could be the deepest, most fulfilling Love we’ve ever experienced.


Because to love requires risking something so easily injured–our hearts.

And yet to love is to live life to its fullest.
To love is to come fully alive.

We were created from the deepest Love, filled with purpose and life, for the deepest Love, and Jesus came to restore us to the fullness of life in His love.

I think it is easy for those to who have been called out of spiritual death to accept that His love takes us out of death, but I think we fall too easily into hibernation, a lesser version of life. We allow ourselves to be revived but live in a comatose state, alive enough to scrape by but not risking anything for fear of hurt.

Fear. Yes, it wraps us up in a deceptively warm cocoon that would keep us from what we were truly meant for.

This fear would hold us captive to a half-life in hopelessness. Heart safe from outside injury but suffocated within. How can we even begin to hope when life seems so dangerous, can so easily disappoint?

We allow our hearts and imaginations to become dusty as we survive in the comfort that fear tricks us into living in.
But I’ve learned that God has called us to so much more.

He’s called us to dream.
He’s called us to life.
He’s called us to hope.
He’s called us to love.

And we can hope without fear when we put our hope in His unchanging character and His unfailing promises.
We can live life to its fullest glory and purpose in who He has made us to be, free in His showers of grace.
We can dream outside the limits of possibility when we listen to the rhythm of His heartbeat and live life from that unending well where dreams abound and life knows no limits.
And we can love fearlessly anchored in His unfailing love for us.

He’s called us out of the dust to dream again.

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