Each moment, a war is being waged.
A war within.
Heavy eyelids struggle to lift under the weight of exhaustion over a battle that has yet to end.

When cancer invades the body, it wages war against the rampant disease, and my mother’s body fights daily against this enemy.

And as this battle rages, each of us fights alongside my mother in a fight against fear, against hopelessness, against despair.

Still, it rages, and still, we fight, worn and weary.  At times, it seems too much.

Do we really have the strength to endure this war? To win this war?

But that’s life, isn’t it?

A battle to continually and firmly place an, at times, faltering faith in our unwavering Cornerstone, Jesus.
A battle to recognize that in our surrender, we are held fast in the grip of His grace.
A battle to fight against despair to claim and live fully in His joy, anchored in His love and His life amidst any of our own life’s circumstances.

And in Him, is the victory.

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