Can You See Me?

Can you see me?
In the midst of gold-paved streets and pastures green, can you look back and see?

Do you see the tears? Do you hear the laughter?
Do you see the aftermath? Do you see disaster?

Do you hear the questions? Can you hear the prayers?
Do you hear wavering voices and tearful, whispered fears?

Do you hear our singing? Do you see raised hands?
Do you stand with God and watch as we cling to Him again?

Do you remember us with love? Can you see what’s yet to come?
Can you see how God will take the pieces and redeem our broken home?

Can you see me as I wait to see you once again?
To run to you, embrace you, to feel I’m home at last?

For as I think about you and what you’ve left behind,
I can’t begin to imagine what it’d be like where you’re at, with the Divine.

I can picture you walking with Jesus at your side,
So content, so joyful, to with your True Love abide.

Can you see me, Mama? Can you see me here?
Life is just one grand breath, and then I’m coming
Coming home.

To Jesus where my Mama’s alive and dancing, laughing, living
In the presence of the Divine.

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