I don’t speak her language.
My tongue can’t even begin to form the complicated sounds that make the words that could cross the communication barrier between us.
Instead, I observe.
Her eyes are dark and wide and dancing with mischief.  Dimples appear on her cheeks as she grins and plays and shakes her head to the rhythm of her swaying pigtails.  She runs from one toy to another, three years old and filled with life, all previous shyness quickly ebbing away.
I offer her my own shy smile, and she now babbles happily in a language I still don’t understand.  As she speaks, she grins.

I smile back.

And between us,  there is a language we can understand–a language that crosses the barriers of different races, cultures, and speech.  A smile.

Have you smiled at someone today?

A smile we stumbled upon when in Spain.
Photo credit: Elly Rubio

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