Mom. Mama. Mumsy.
I realized this week how much I missed calling her Mom or any variation of its endearments.
I really missed her this week.
But missing her reminded me to ask myself what I am thankful for.
So this post is about my Dad, because I still have him here to call him Dad.  Papa.  Papito.  And other variations of the simple word for “Father.”

My dad is very human, as am I.  We tend to butt heads a lot because we’re very different in some ways and alike in others.  When choosing a university, I rebelled at the idea of going to any that he suggested because I wanted so much to make my own way and my own choices.  Somehow, probably because God was using my dad to suggest places He wanted me, I actually ended up choosing to go the very universities/gap year programs he suggested.
He is a human father that doesn’t always make the right decisions though he tries his best, but he does love us to bits.

But what I am thankful for is that in my human father, I catch a glimpse of my Heavenly Father.
Something that I realized is that throughout the years, my dad has always, without ceasing, fought for his children.  
He fought for me to have a good education, he fought for me to come home when I was away for a long time, and now he fights for me to stay with the family while we all work through the fresh pain from my mother’s passing, among the many other times he has fought for me.

And when he fights for me and for my brothers and sisters, we know that we are important, that we are valued, and that we are loved.

In him, I see a glimpse of my Abba, who fights for me.  Jesus crossed the great divide of sin in pouring out His precious blood to fight for me to be called daughter, adopted into the heavenly family of God.
God fights for me.
He pursues relentlessly.
He loves unconditionally.
He fights so that I can be a part of His family and know that, in Him, I am important, valued, and loved.

I am so thankful for the love of my earthly Papa, and I love him very much.
And when I think that  I get to call the God of the universe, my Daddy, my Abba, and that His love is even greater, I am absolutely blown away.

Dancing with my papa.
Dancing with my papa.

One thought on “Abba

  1. So beautifully written, Sarah. You are amazing, how in your maturity, you can look beyond the incredible pain you are and see beauty. It blesses me. Much love, Ruthi PS I guess no word yet or responses (from your petitioning letters) on your visas.

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