Coming Home: Puebla

Coming home.
There’s no way to explain it.
The clarity of the memories, the faint familiarity, the grief over change,
the feeling of being a foreigner and a native all at once.

Coming back to a home after six years away felt in so many ways like a dream, and that is why I must write about it.  To remember and know that it was not  dream, but it was a brief and beautiful reality.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed the silhouette of volcanoes, stark against the painted glow of the setting sun.
My heart sighed with contentment to return to this beautiful city filled with beautiful people, rich in color and in warmth, to be greeted by a myriad of flavors, of spice and glory and beauty that compose a place I once called home.
And so, to remember, here are a few things I love about Puebla.

1.  The people
To come home to a family–smiling faces, embraces, laughter, tears, joy, memories.  There’s something inherent in Mexican culture that wraps you up in warmth and makes you feel right at home as your belly is filled with loads of delicious food.

Our Mexican family

 Hospitality abounds in this culture.

We sit around
the table for hours, our time divided between the kitchen and the dining
We eat, talk, and laugh a lot.  

Tacos al pastor

2.  The food

Colors, freshness, and spice that will make your eyes and nose water
and warm you from the inside of your belly out!

Tacos and chalupas. Can’t get enough of them.

After living in the UK for
six months, I can’t explain how much I missed Mexican food.  To eat it every day for six days was glorious! We couldn’t get enough of it.  

3.  More delicious food!!! 

Elote “Get that corn outta my face!”

Yes, Mexican food is delicious.  You should try some right now.

Gorditas and quesadillas












4.  The history.

Being in a country whose history dates back thousands of years and knowing that it has survived centuries of struggles and triumphs, and has overcome much to be in the state it is in at the present leaves me in wonder.  This country is on a journey, like me, and it still has a lot to overcome.  But there is hope that God is at work in this country still.  


These are just snapshots of what make up this beautiful country called Mexico, in a city called Puebla, in a place I still fondly remember as home.  And when I sleep at times, sometimes I’ll still dream of volcano silhouettes against a fiery blue backdrop of the setting sun, and I’ll remember home.

Thank You, Jesus, for orchestrating all of this and knowing exactly what we needed.
Thank you to those who have prayed for us and given financially to make this trip a reality.
Y gracias a toda mi familia Mexicana por recibirnos de nuevo con brazos y corazones abiertos.
Los amamos.

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