The past season has been a difficult season that has kept me from writing, but my heart yearns to write again, to put into words all that has been brewing in my heart and mind this past year.  It is a slow process, slower than it has ever been before.  I am working at overcoming fear and learning to find my voice again.  As I work through this process, I found some of my older writings, that I felt were appropriate to share until my thoughts are able to become words on a page again.  Thanks for bearing with me through this process.


Silken threads, binding chains
From her heart, the faint refrains
Of a song that once throbbed true
Now silver-threaded, molten veins

Gossamer prison, entrapping heart
Each silken chain will do its part
To tightly lock this delicate prison
And let no desperate tear depart

Silken coffin, tightly bound
Its crowded corridors resound
And death waits inside comfort’s halls
Freedom is but a distant sound

But love awaits outside those walls
Faint echoes inside those silken halls
Life waiting at tender fingertips
Her faint but growing whisper calls

Bursting forth, with freedom fly
Broken prison chains, a cry
No death will keep these wings from beating
To death, she bids a quick goodbye

And flies.

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