2.20.2015: Yellow Flowers

Sigh.  A single breath.  An exhalation.

I wonder.  What does it look like after the last breath leaves one’s lips? When vision now cloaked in shadow is transformed in resplendent light?

I close my eyes to open the eyes of my heart to a vision of hope.  There are fields of bright green dotted with flowers of every color swaying in the gentlest of winds to the sweet melody of a love song.  Laughter echoes over the fields, joy in its purest form, sun rays dancing to the lilting refrains.


And Mama is dancing, laughing, running through fields of green and color to the rhythm of His love song.  The appearance of youth and the wisdom of the ages meet in perfect harmony upon a countenance radiant with freedom and unhindered joy.  “I am home,” she sings again and again as Love wraps her up in the tenderest embrace.

Sigh. Life never tasted so sweet.

Warm eyes glow with Life again, greater than any shadow of a past life.
Hope ignites again as perfect Love comes full circle.
Joy is pure and unhindered in the presence of the Giver.

And there are yellow flowers in her hair.

Happy Birthday, Mama.  


2 thoughts on “2.20.2015: Yellow Flowers

  1. That’s such a beautiful birthday tribute, Sarah. And to think. . .that it is far more breath-taking than we can even picture, this side of eternity!! BTW, glad you are able to write again:)


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