11.26: “Since Yesterday”

Three years ago on this day, my mama took her last breath on earth and opened her eyes to the face of Jesus.

I could try to find words, but this poet expressed everything I want to say.  Thank you, Martha Snell Nicholson, for painting such a beautiful picture:

Along the golden streets
A stranger walks tonight
With wonder in her heart,
Faith blossomed into sight.

She walks and stops and stares
And walks and stares again
Vistas of loveliness
Beyond the dreams of men.

She who once was weak,
And often shackled to a bed,
Now climbs eternal hills
With light and easy tread.

She has escaped at last
The cruel clutch of pain;
Her lips shall never taste
Her bitter cup again.

O never call her dead,
This buoyant one and free,
Whose daily portion is
Delight and ecstasy!

Now bows in speechless joy
Before the feet of Him
Whom, seeing not, she loved
While yet her sight was dim.

Along the golden streets
No stranger walks today
But one who, long homesick,
Is home at last, to stay!

I love you, Mama.



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