I See You

I am white (-ish).  I am Latina.  In my blood intermingles the ancient history of the Incas with the fiery passion of the Italians with the colorful culture of the Mexicans with the stalwart pride of the Americans, who are really just a mix of other nationalities anyways.

But I am also none of these.

Beneath flesh, bones, blood, is a soul, and that soul has been washed in the blood of Jesus, so that my flesh and bones are no longer my own.

I no longer live with eyes tinted to see through shades of red, white, and blue, green, white, red, or any other color but with clear eyes opened to see as He sees, through eyes opened wide with Love.  

I see you.  I celebrate who you are and all that makes you you.  It is our myriad colors and cultures that paint our world in a glorious array of creativity reflecting the artistry of our Maker.

I see you.  I see that beneath the beauty of your flesh, bones, and blood lies a soul like mine, a soul not defined by skin color, passport, or country borders.

I choose to see you through the eyes of Love.  

And I will choose to fight for you, I will choose to defend you, I will choose to sacrifice my own comfort to give you a place to call your own because when I fight for you, I am not fighting for “the other” but fighting for one of my own.



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