No More Striving

Yesterday, our worship pastor gave a word during worship about having childlike faith. I’ve been on my own journey of learning to have childlike faith in God, and it’s been a battle for me.

I think there’s something beautiful about childlike faith as a follower of Jesus.  It is not blind or naive.  We are well aware of our circumstances and opposition, yet to have faith is to choose into believing that God is greater than any circumstance, is with us in the midst of every circumstance, and He is worth being trusted through it all.  It is believing that He will never break His promises, believing that His love is secure, and believing that He is always good.  

I realized during worship yesterday that I have allowed myself to be defined by certain characteristics or tendencies.  My tendency is to worry rather than trust.  I tend to be anxious about the unknown.  I tend to want to stay in my comfort zone rather than step out and try new things.

Over time, I have allowed myself to be defined by these, and despite my longing for the opposite, I am a worrier, an anxious person, someone who “plays it safe.”

I have kept saying throughout this season that I have been pretty much living outside of my comfort zone because I have taken up God’s invitation to step out in faith and have challenged myself to do things that are “out of the norm” for me.  I have been obedient and stepped out, but I have continued to feel like my baseline is fear and each bold step is still tethered to it.  

I realized that allowing myself to be defined by the former characteristics has started to allow them to become part of my identity, so that trust or faith, boldness or bravery, are “out of character” for me. 

And I’ve had enough of it.  I am not a worrier.  I am not an anxious person.  This is not my identity.  

Instead of trying to trust, trying to have faith, trying to be bold or brave, I choose to rest.

Striving is not what I was made for.

God has created me to be fully confident in Him as the good God and in my identity as His beloved child.  I can rest in this identity, find peace in who I was created to be, and operate out of childlike faith because I know who I am and whose I am.  

This is still a journey I am on and a daily choice.  But little by little, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will strip away the false identities I’ve clung to so that I can embrace and learn to rest in who I was truly created to be.



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