Light of Love

One of my favorite memories of her is a light in the shadows of the darkest season of my life.   For two weeks while she battled cancer, my mom was in a coma.  We still don’t know why, but her first chemo treatment sent her into a slumber that left us worrying she would never … More Light of Love

Facing Fear

Facing a fear does not conquer it. Fear does not respond to passive action. It is aggressive, binding, and crippling in the most subtle of ways. Fear responds to an active defiance of its false power because in that, it is powerless. … More Facing Fear


Mom. Mama. Mumsy. I realized this week how much I missed calling her Mom or any variation of its endearments. I really missed her this week. But missing her reminded me to ask myself what I am thankful for. So this post is about my Dad, because I still have him here to call him … More Abba