Facing Fear

Facing a fear does not conquer it. Fear does not respond to passive action. It is aggressive, binding, and crippling in the most subtle of ways. Fear responds to an active defiance of its false power because in that, it is powerless. … More Facing Fear



The past season has been a difficult season that has kept me from writing, but my heart yearns to write again, to put into words all that has been brewing in my heart and mind this past year.  It is a slow process, slower than it has ever been before.  I am working at overcoming fear and learning … More Cocoon

Love Written

Shards of glass. Salty flows. Ribbon tears. Itchy toes. Love written in sand In the dark of night. Restless wings over oceans, flight. Washed away in stormy gales, Love washed away in the dark of night. Fragments of wood. Crimson flows. Sacred tears. A billion woes. Love written in blood On the darkest night. Brought to life … More Love Written

Past Forward

Dates are really important to me.  I don’t know why, but they bring up a deep feeling of significance, of remembrance, of rejoicing or mourning, but mostly remembering. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my mom was first taken to the hospital on Mother’s Day.  That was the first day when we … More Past Forward


Each moment, a war is being waged. A war within. Heavy eyelids struggle to lift under the weight of exhaustion over a battle that has yet to end. When cancer invades the body, it wages war against the rampant disease, and my mother’s body fights daily against this enemy. And as this battle rages, each … More Battlefield

Hearts Wide Open

As I consider the past four years of my life, I see that the Lord has done a lot to peel back the layers of my heart and scales from my eyes. As grotesque as that sounds, I have spent much of my twenty-three years of life viewing life and God through distorted lenses that … More Hearts Wide Open

Dust to Dreams

Jesus came to awaken the wounded from throes of spiritual death and emotional hibernation. And Jesus came to woo the same wounded into new life with His wild and wondrous love. Why is it that the wondrous life we were made for is lost to a comatose state, a mere bleary-eyed, joyless survival of the … More Dust to Dreams