Light of Love

One of my favorite memories of her is a light in the shadows of the darkest season of my life.   For two weeks while she battled cancer, my mom was in a coma.  We still don’t know why, but her first chemo treatment sent her into a slumber that left us worrying she would never … More Light of Love

Facing Fear

Facing a fear does not conquer it. Fear does not respond to passive action. It is aggressive, binding, and crippling in the most subtle of ways. Fear responds to an active defiance of its false power because in that, it is powerless. … More Facing Fear

In Mama’s Words

On today, the day my Mama would have turned 60 years old, my sister Lizzy and I went to the lake and had a picnic for dinner.  We spent some time just staring out at the lake and thinking back on God’s faithfulness, thanking Him for the blessing of calling her Mama, for the years … More In Mama’s Words

Time Does Not Heal

Time has drifted by in a haze, and suddenly I realize no new words have graced this page since June.  Emotions, thoughts, and even words without form have been stirring in my heart the past months, but putting these emotions, thoughts, and words onto paper (or, in this case, screen) has been an uphill battle … More Time Does Not Heal

Past Forward

Dates are really important to me.  I don’t know why, but they bring up a deep feeling of significance, of remembrance, of rejoicing or mourning, but mostly remembering. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my mom was first taken to the hospital on Mother’s Day.  That was the first day when we … More Past Forward

Glory in the Mess

Life is messy. Our entry into this world is a messy business in itself, which I suppose is just symbolic of all else that is to come, as it causes someone (i.e: our mother) severe, near intolerable pain, in order to birth new life. Life is messy. I’ve really been wrestling with the concept of … More Glory in the Mess

05.26 Alive

I am alive. The wind whips through my hair, tossing it about and rushing against my face in such a refreshing way. I am alive. The world comes into sharper focus as though I’m seeing it for the very first time with new eyes. I am alive. Last time I felt this way was exactly … More 05.26 Alive